New Match Fix Style

13/04/20 22:54
Good evening all.

I am happy to see that the discussions are going "well" between multiple guilds / players. I am however concerned with the lack of understanding from La Cagnannaise. They do not feel remorseful in the slightest and have suggested that the new reporting system will have no effect on them "match fixing".

It didn't take long for me to find that our friend in La Cagnannaise, RDC, has already showed their hand in his fixture today with #rob (you have a long name so I have shortened it).

#rob vs RDC will be showcased below.

Look out for RDC changing team rhythm, attack / defence spacing and speed along with rear cover, all to enable #rob to hit the gaps and score easy points. But, RDC wants some trys too, don't forget, this isn't supposed to look like a "fix".


Kind Regards,

La Cagnannaise Exposed.
13/04/20 22:54
13/04/20 23:47
Good work mate, no remorse apart from a couple though.