Kick and chase bug

08/11/19 08:29
Recently I noticed that when my 10 kicks ahead and chases, as he appraches the ball he stutters which allows defenders he has overtaken to get back and clear their lines. Anyone know what causes this and how to remedy?
Never used to happen in the past. Is it poor kick reception which I thought was only for defense play?
08/11/19 14:48
Kick Reception also applies to offence.
08/11/19 16:05
and reception range
09/11/19 10:57
Cheers for the response. I had the impression that kick reception was for kick off and high balls only. Do you recommend high points on kick reception for 9/10 as they are the main kick chasers and 11/14/15 as they retrieve opposition kick chases.
09/11/19 20:41
yeah keep all maxed