New update (automatic subs, etc)

22/02/19 07:40
Everything works very well. I can hide all my tactics, play different formation without my opponent know what is my real formation for the match day in league. I can do subs automatically so there is no need to be online during the game.

But still i have some suggestion and i think it's very important :

-This game should limite the pack players in a team : for example 5 because it's not everybody who buy it
-There is too much advantages for those who use real money to play the game (they use gold ball to upgrade quickly their buildings, use RC to buy every players they want, pack players are greater in the field in BOTH DEFENSE AND ATTACK) ETC...

-SO, The auction house should be divided into 2 parts : the first one is for those who dont buy RC with real money and the another one for those who just use their auction house and guild hall to have RC : because IT'S TOTALLY VERY HARD TO BUY PLAYERS, GOOD PLAYERS...we always buyt the worst players in the game till the end of the day in this game
-Sport gears should be harder to buy for those who already pack players, it should be more expensive for them and less expensive for those who dont have any PACK PLAYERS