this game

16/01/19 22:36
this game is ridiculus. the people incharge of this game don´t now shit about football. lower teams winning against better teams, when if there were some comum sense certain tactics used in this game are ridiculus. you want a game of bullshits or a game that in some way is near the reality? defenders without agressivity on the ball won the tackle against a foward with 100%? were? just in this game... teams that are shooting 20 times from the middle field and won.... that have 20 passes for game, 20 or 30% of ball possesion and won.. this is a game, ok, but have some comum sence, and learn whats football, 95% of the time the better team wins. A team with 60% or more ball possesion per game wins 90 to 95% of the games. a team with more team work and 70 to 80% of passes realized per game wins 90 to 95% of the games... you want to improve this game? start by seeing real football... look at real madrid, man utd, chelsea good players, bad football,bad teamwork so they don´t won everygame... ridiculus. this people don´t now anithing about football. i have 15 years in pro football in the lowers divisions in portugal and this isn´t a game inspired in football, instead looks a like a friends game and if you aren´t my friend you suck so you lose...
17/01/19 16:42
Know what you mean several tactics have been stopped in the past but this shoot from anywhere tactic where 95% of the time it goes to a goal kick also needs to be stopped lets face it any idiot can do that.

I think its about time to level up the playing field I know the pre programmed line up's are poor but if they removed the set up your own style option it would kill off all silly/cheating line up's & level out the playing field then it would be down to how good your players are ect.

As for agression with defenders I will admit i have mine set at 0 because it seems to make little if any difference in who wins a tackle but it also avoids giving away freekicks which is where most goals come from in this game almost as soon as i switched to it i noticed the difference.
28/01/19 13:03
I agree with your first point, as I have stated in another post, the easy way to stop 'volleyball' tactics is to reduce the 'kicking distance' of the players. It would also put an end to scoring/conceding goals from worldie free-kicks.

I totally disagree with your opinion on removing the STRATEGY element of the game. So, you want to hand the game to teams with 'pack' players, I'm guessing that's the make-up of your team.
The fun of the game for me is creating a solid tactic, trying to improve it and punching above my weight.
29/01/19 11:59
Ok you may get one in your league with pack players if you are unlucky but at least it would be a level playing field for the other 13 teams.
29/01/19 12:56
Errr.... 12 teams in my division (lvl 86) had at least 1 pack player in their squad, some with a few, some many. I was in fact the second worst team in player rankings and was in with a shout for a 'double' until the last game of the season. 1st finishing 4 pts ahead.
Looks like I drew the short straw.
So with a sound strategy in place, I managed to 'level the playing field', somewhat. Under your suggestion, I would have probably finished in the bottom 3, with no chance whatsoever.
Remove the strategy and you have NO game!
31/01/19 20:44
So you lose out for a season or two the pack players gang go off ahead & then you get your level playing field.

No matter what you do teams with pack players will always have an advantage nothing you can do about that but set lineups only then means no silly stunts from the rest & then you get a fair crack of the whip it may take a few seasons but at least there would be light @ the end of the tunnel right now you will always be a also ran
01/02/19 02:00
Plenty of 'silly stunts' from 'Pack Teams' too. Your implementation would turn me from an 'also ran' into a never will run. The biggest problem I face is the buying of decent players.
I repeat, no strategy, no game. I for one would quit. Along with the vast majority of players, I presume.