More cheating Iranians

17/11/18 11:27
We are currently playing a G C against Iran.academi they are cheating although there is little doubt we will wipe them out that's not the point.

My 2nd team made 2 challenges one at 09.42 & the next at 09.46 as you all know there is now a 10 min delay before you can be challenged therefore that team should not be able to be challenged until 09.56.

However they managed to challenge the team back @ 09.50. With 3 teams we tried to do the same either as a G C challenge or as a friendly however the system would just not have it we were taking it in turns to try to play them about every 30 seconds but could not do so until 10.02.

Just when you think the game maybe getting cleaned up the Iranians find a new cheat