Cant play games

15/10/18 15:53
Three teams in my guild cant play challenges of even friendly's as all we get is the message a match will start soon anybody else got this?
15/10/18 16:49
yes tried 3 of my 4 teams so far all the same!!!!
15/10/18 17:44
Make that 8 of them so far if this carries on then what a great way to lose a G C we should win
15/10/18 18:15
yes and those of my guilds that are online hv said the same
15/10/18 18:49
hi, shaun, same thing is happening to my team n guild mates also have the same problem.
15/10/18 22:49
Absolutely no one can play games and it's been that way for hours now
16/10/18 02:12
We sent the useless pr#cks at sweet nitro a ticket about it 12 hours ago..... Guest what, no f@#ken answer yet !
16/10/18 07:14
in 30 mins we lose a GC by 1 point there are 6 easy targets still left for us to beat & 4 of our 5 top teams still to play. Thanks Cheat Nitro what would have been an easy win is now going to be a lose because you have fucked up
16/10/18 08:01
Same with my guild. At least no-one has been able to play as after 12 hours, the guild challenge score is 0-0.
16/10/18 11:43
We lost the G C we had teams who could take out their easy targets & leave our top teams to go for the tougher ones while they had taken out all the easy ones at best they would have got 3 more wins while we should have got 10 at the very least so there was a min 6 point win there gone down the pan.

Now we get a tough one & whats more we have to wait 32 hours for it as they have put everything back 24 hours.

To say my guild are not impressed is an understatement & just to rub it in our 3rd best team has had enough & quit the game so Thanks Sweet Nitro that's an almost certain 2 wins in every G C we have just lost as well which as anybody knows can be the difference between a win & a lose so Christ knows how many points losing him will cost us