blocked words

12/04/18 06:19
does anyone have a list of all the words that are blocked in guild chat, really annoying when you typed a long message on phone just to have it not appear due to a banned word, especially as some seem really random
12/04/18 15:13
I could tell you a few but I think that carshalton bloke would happily ban me for doing so. Come home carshalton!!!
12/04/18 17:30
cmon monks, take one for the team and spread your lexicological knowledge

it's also possible i didn't think about the possible consequences of this question being answered
12/04/18 17:44
Just type words into your chat one at a time and see. Yeh your guild members will think you have touretts syndrome, but you'll then know. It does allow some.
12/04/18 18:31
Also, just replace a letter. Put a v for a u, @ for a, etc.
13/04/18 00:38
its more just knowing the less offensive ones so you don't lose your message, you can type damn, but not sucks, its kinda random