Account vulnerability.

16/03/17 06:50
There is a major bug since the iOS upgrade on Monday.

Whenever someone deletes the App and reinstalls it they get given access to a random account. If you have your account linked to game center it will try and access your account and you get a message saying that there is another account linked to game center and give you the option to pick either team. However if you don't have it linked to game center you just have access to the random account.

I currently have access to an account which isn't mine. This is the account.

Each time I delete the App and reinstall it I get given a different team but not mine. The other person can be active on the account at the same time and in some cases three or more people can be active on an account at the same time. I have witnessed this as an account I was in also had the account owner active on the account and he was complaining in the in game chat that someone did a 4 hour training session and started ranking matches. Neither he nor I had done that so there must have been a third person accessing his account.

16/03/17 07:04
I deleted the App and reinstalled it.

It has now given me access to a different account and their forum account which I am posting from now. I cannot access the forum account I used in the original post.

This is the account I now have access to.

After posting this I shall delete the account and reinstall it to see which account I shall get next.
16/03/17 07:11
I meant to say in the post above I shall delete the App not delete the account.

Anyway I now have access to this account.

Let's see which team I get next when I delete the app and reinstall it.
16/03/17 07:16
I now have access to this account.

16/03/17 07:23
I now have access to this account.

16/03/17 07:41
I now have access to this account.

I hope they are going to fix it soon.

Anyway I'm going to delete the App again now and not reinstall it again for about 11 hours to see if they have fixed this bug.
21/03/17 00:11
I have a similar/ same problem - another player has access to my account and is altering my team whilst I'm not logged in - I now have players I've not purchased etc my account suggests I'm Conan Oreilly - not my profile!