Settin up a tourney till LV47

Hey Buddies, I will set up an open tourney
till LV 47. So I am still in one, will take me two days to set it up.

Would love if you do inform your guild buddies, that somethin is commin on.

When I have set it up I give you the entrance code. As always first come - first seat.
Hope to get some response and Tourney members.

see ya

when you post the code, Wiz, let me know... I will put it on my Discord spread the word. just checking this is "up to" level 47 (so 47 and under?)?

just want to know the details when I post about it.
Thanks Maddog,

First yes you are correct 47 and under, have to work on my language here.
Have my final in my actual tourney middle of the night (here). So I will set it up tomorrow.
details will come.

Little newbie question - how do I let you lnow, exept here?

This will be fun. Hope on fillin that one out. Real curios who shows up.

see ya

a only place I know is here and I can post it on Discord for others to share with other guilds.
I set up the tourney. After there is a tourney LV50 to LV65
I thought LV48 and LV49 are people too.
Change of EntryLevel It is LV49 and under

CODE: 27I58
Entry is the next 48h
16 Team tourney

Could you please spreadit in your guilds.
Thanks a lot.

see ya

Sounds Like Fun Im in and will spread the word around the Empire
I am setting a post on discord now...
and I have a semifinal today and "probably" a final tomorrow. i will join with my mini once I finish this tournament that I am in (if spots remain)
That is good to hear. Lookin out for the bracket.
Got 6 guys in already. - 10 to go

Just to make sure -
the one in the middle is a capital I,
not a 1 and not a little L.

see ya

already sent it out... they should. be able to. figure it out.