Underleveled ?


This game is becoming more and more unfair instead of it being otherwise... i found myself in a championship with 7 teams which have a level advantage ( me being 116 and they are 117)
I have no chance in competing with them!!! Its nonesence...

Can you explain me this, and in future try to AVOID these kind of problems!

Team Zemun
It happens when there isn't enough teams to make a full Chmp at the higher level, so they drop down.

I had 4 consecutive seasons of this inbalance, 2 against, 2 for. So it's swings and roundabouts.
Haha very frustrating when it s against you... Had it also 2 seasons in a row which push me to retire for a few seasons...

@Peanut B.: Nice to see you re still there and still annoying many visa players with your badass non-visa team ;p
Just started playing again.. Hopefully will be able to come back at your level soon for some good battles..
Take care
Great to see you back, man, already doing the can-can!

Thought you were gone, looked around for you. But, there you are, hiding in Blade's Guild, lol.

And on the above subject - He's in a Chmp with higher lvls (full metal visas), haha.
Haha - Yes, just noticed he has 8 teams at higher level in his champ.. That s an ugly scenario when you re 3-4 levels from the top.. haha

haha I joined the guild a few seasons ago to say “Hi” to Orlok and check how he s doing with his new team.. and then just stopped playing for a few seasons. Was a bit tired of getting 2 injured players at every game in top 3-4 leagues.. :/

But as most players here, my retirement didn t last very long... lol.
But it s painful to get a good team when you stop playing for a while.. most of my players retired (or are about to retire), and there s not a lot of good players in the auction.. Let s see how it goes..

Hopefully, next season I will be in a championship with players who are one level below.. lol