Academy Cymru

Hi we're currently looking for 1 teams to join us so if your active and want to join us just play me and i'll send the invite. The only thing we ask is you must send/request heals and play at least once in gc selected for. We also run our own in guild league system with proper promotion and relegation each weekend; with home and away games so no advantage.
will repost if and when we got spaces again?
Taffy's Dragons. :

Hi we're currently looking for 0 teams to join us.....

Might have expected that from a Turk Church Going Taffy or maybe even a Migsy but, 0 teams coming from you TD????? Have a word with yourself
To be fair this isn’t your finest moment TD but I have enjoyed it!!

Don’t you start digging me out on here as well DHSFP!!!!!
lol dhsfp just getting lazy in my old age by editing it save reposting next time and migsy u can shut up too haga
Hope you guys are both well. all good here boyos
yer we're ok thxs hope u r too? did send invites to some of yr teams too hoping lol
there you go dh edit it lol
Hey Taff

I hope all are well at Academy Cymru

For anyone considering a move, I rate Academy Cymru very highly as a guild. They're a fun bunch of guys and keep everyone interested with weekly in-house competitions etc. Some very good teams there too. Taff himself is a legend obviously.

Hey Phalanx,

Hope you are well!! Cheers for the kind words and yeah taffy is ok!

All the best,