scrap home advantage

How are we meant to improve our strats when home advantage is still in the game . For example played one of my own guild I won `16-7 same guy plays me seconds after and it ends 35-0 in his favour . It happened yesterday too where I lost 28-21 to Newcastle falcons he played me back minutes after and beat me 42-3 like how are meant to see who really has the better strat and who is stronger when home advantage is still clearly in the game?
I would suggest doing what you are doing. You can see that their strat has your number and without home advantage they would likely beat you both ways. Now with that said you would likely beat folks those guys lose to. There is plenty wrong with the game, but the fact that there isn't a best strat is one of the things they got right.
I am more concerned that friendly matches often show little if any any simialrity to actual guild challenges.