Strategy Building, Match Bonus: how it impact?

Hi, my question is simple?
Let suppose i've got a team squad of 100 stars.
1) If i have no strategy buildings and add 50% bonus match is it right to consider my level is 150 (100 + 50%)?
2) If i have 1 strategy at 20 (+10%) and i add no bonus is it right to considere my level is 110 (100 + 10%)?
3) If i have 1 strategy at 20 (+10%) and i add 50% bonus match which is my level?
a) (100+10%)+50% = 165 that is strategy increment base values and bonus increment the total
b) (100+50%)+10% = 165 that is bonus increment base values and strategy increment the total
c) 100+(100/100*10)+(100/100*50) = 160 ? that is every increment is calculated on the base
4) If i have 2 strategies at 20?
a) (100+10%)+10% = 121 that is 1st strategy increment base values and the 2nd one increment the total
b) 100+(100/100*10)+(100/100*10) = 120 ? that is every increment is calculated on the base

Please explain it.. thanks
I am also very interested in how the Strategy Buildings work

I recently upgraded a Strategy Building - giving me an extra 0.5% player quality

However - none of my players improved their player quality rating

So where is the extra 0.5%?
If you have a team with an average of 100*; that are 100% fit and have 100 morale they would play like a 100* team. If further to this you have three strats buildings, all at 5%; your team would play like a 115* team before MB. The extra 15% is a mathematical sum made by the game, not something that you see in your team's stats 'on paper'.
1) Yes that's correct
2) Also bang on correct
3) It's the equivalent of 165*. 100*+10% for strategy =110*+50%=165*. The MB is added on to your team rating after strategy is taken in to account as far as I'm aware
4) See explanation above

It is worth noting that your strategies are permanent, as in added for all matches, so your tactics are based off this. When you use MB you will have to adjust for the extra so may cause more fouls etc. It seems to add the % onto the stat, so margins between them get bigger hence the fouls from both strategy and gap between the stats that matter. Also, due to the higher speeds etc (I'm guessing) you are FAR more prone to injuries too so be wary of that when using. There are ways to nullify MB to an extent, though not against people with a clue I'd guess, so just because you have it on does not mean it's not working if you don't win. * rating isn't everything here thankfully