I want my national flag...MADAGASCAR'S FLAG......I'm the present champion of the top level and there is still no flag for my country.........A request that i asked several weeks ago but there is still no change....

right them a direct ticket to developers PL and see if you can get any luck with a response
Give the man his flag, Sublinet! You should recognise one of the greats of the game.
very disappointed that its not been put up there, to me my welsh flag means a lot its why i am where i am in the game its a bonus that my guild has the best players in the game so i can see why Randrianasolo (pl) wants his flag to me the flag is everything i play for, all we ask for is one flag you have given to others
I have one idea that might just get the man the flag he deserves if all your guild send a ticket I'll send a ticket to support and just maybe we may be able to get the man the flag he deserves
Yes give the man the FLAG he deserves.
Hi keiron im afraid we beat you to that idea.. most of us already have numerous times.. plus others in game..
Willwhale Kieran is me Ashley hahaha that is my dummy account
yes i aslo want my country flag moderator have to update and bring new changes in game