UK ELITE - Now calling ourselves Team Wales

Sounds like a right ballbag leigh... although i aint team wales its still in my blood.. hows my better half red mancs
You too leigh always keep an eye on tean wales.. always be apart of me.. ive had invites to uk elite but never gone there before.. glad i havent when theres ballbags like ashley there.. if you ever get them in challenge put something on forum and ill rejoin you for a challenge glad all is well.. send my love lol
love is in the air
Never have enough love for that guild
Cheers buddy.. im in rebels atm. Top set of lads.. all seems on my wave length ish.. defo have to cross pathes in future
glad everything going well for you leigh i knew i left it in safe hands i do see the post as for idiots slagging other guilds of theres onlt 1 reason for that they are jealous lol as i said keep up the good work and hopefully 1 day my new guild will meet u in a gc be a freat laugh
It's called banter, most of UK Elite kinda dislikes Team wales. I see you as our direct rivals because you've poached several of our players. I did enjoy our recent encounter though, it was good to show you lads we are more than capable of competing. Good luck with any future challenges I hope our paths cross again soon.