Game crashing, Server blocking accounts. Users with this problem install a ip blocker

05/02/17 10:29
all day a lot of my friends, guild members and myself have had trouble with the game not loading on multiple devices, keeps coming up with loading error. Then when I tried to log a ticket on multiple browsers your website wouldn't load and kept coming with server doesn't exist. So I installed a IP address blocker and I'm in.

Why is this happening? Why have you blocked users accounts? Why have you not posted in the forums or notified users of these problems? Customer service is absolutely poor and needs improving instead of the users getting frustrated and angry or have you blocked every non French account because you lost to England?

06/02/17 01:42
Id like to know the reason as well, I couldnt access the game all day and night yesterday. Frustrating to say the least and there was no warning as well. Next time I will just uninstall the game and go play something else.
09/02/17 08:12
Dear English friends, for the information, the server is also blocked in France !
09/02/17 08:33
Pash66 :

Dear English friends, for the information, the server is also blocked in France !

My dear English and French rugby fans. We too in Australia are blocked. Server has gone on holidays to the Carribeans.
09/02/17 09:59
Yup been unable to log on in nz for half the day
09/02/17 11:22
Previous post was for during the weekend when some could get on and others couldn't, today they updated the game hence why it was down. Feel for those who had players finishing at times during this downtime or had players finishing during this period they wanted to buy, also feel sorry for the ones who actively play when the other side of the world is sleeping who missed out on training points and couldn't play in their gvg matches.

Why can't they do these updates between seasons and announce them so everyone knows?

Thanks sublinet for the pre warning, you couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery or in France a piss up in a winery.