Iranians Teams' Threat To Quit Playing

19/11/16 20:10
oh, sublinet, now, now, if the iranians are still playing this game, it shows that u have given in to their demands, although most of us expected u to do so.

i have a brilliant idea: why don't the iranians spend more time trying to remedy the situations in their country??? inhumane treatment of females; suppression of non-muslims; torture n murder of political prisoners, etc, etc, etc.

now that they have been given the right to cheat even more by sublinet, i.e. having level 22 stadiums without needing to upgrade their banks; having teams full of pack players without paying for them; having home games in league matches against stronger teams n playing away against weaker teams, etc, etc etc, i wonder what other privileges sublinet will provide to this bunch of cheating and dirty scums????!!!!

iranians, F.O. !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
19/11/16 20:25
Ah, Leigh, it is all about connections, between admin and some of these Iranians. The best thing is Sublinet knows this and allow their staff to help the Iranians with pack players and gold balls, and Sublinet knows we all know they are favouring the Iranians!!!!

The audacity and deceit by Sublinet and the Iranians deserve a very nasty karma very, very soon!

Good luck with your complaint to Facebook, Leigh. Hope they will intervene and eradicate the blatant cheating; racism and prejudice condoned by Sublinet in this game.

If you need to pay them a visit:

SARL Sublinet
74 Rue Georges Bonnac - Tour 6
33000 Bordeaux
SIRET : 504 560 897 00036
TVA : FR31 504 560 897



Cameron van den Bergh Manager
Samuel COLLINET Manager
20/11/16 01:01