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How does one access the higher leagues?

Moving up or down in the league system depends on your arena points at the end of a season (2 weeks).

At the end of each season, all players are ranking depending on their arena points and their new league depends on their ranking.

Try to always be first of your league and get as many points as you can to move up as fast as possible.

How does the interserver war queue work?

The queue opens 15min before the war begins.

Moving up the queue
When you enter the queue, you are placed at the end of the queue. You can use stars to move up the queue. Your new position will then depend on whether other users also moved up or not. For example, if 2 people already moved up the queue once, your new position will be 3rd. If you move up again, you will be 1st.

When the war stars, the first front is opened and the first 15 players on each side will start playing. New fronts will open progressively as long as there are enough players on each side.

In order to be able to reinforce a server if a user leaves the war, the queue will always keep at least 5 players in the queue on both sides. This means that a new front will only open if both sides have at least 20 players in the queue (15 + 5).

Why am I stuck in the queue?
- The war might not have started yet
- There might not be enough users in the queue on the other server.
- New fronts are not opened in the last few minutes of a war

I never got to play the war. What about the stars I spent on moving up the queue?
Users who never joined the war and spent stars moving up the queue will be refunded.

However, leaving the queue before the end of the war will not refund the stars used for moving up the queue.