15/10/17 06:05
I am guessing this has already been reported, but I spent my entire championship game watching RiRi just kick it out of bounds and then magically have possession. Over...and over...and over. Beyond ridiculous. I never had a chance since RiRi was successfully able to just spam a glitch against me. Fun times.
15/10/17 10:16
I agree this is crap please sort this soon as its making the game rubbish. U cant add something like that in as the rules of nfl are not like that u kick it out its a foul and penalty yards are added. GET THIS SORTED
02/11/17 21:21
Safety serves as kicker, how to I put my kicker in to kick
03/11/17 07:59
In the Strategy Building, go to "Special". There are 5 to the left, 4 in the middle, and 2 to the right. Of the 4 in the middle the second one down is the spot for your Kicker.