Ball Boys?

20/05/18 22:34
Where are you? Is it a public holiday or something? We are playing a gc, it started 10 hours ago. Just a reminder.
Also please make me a cash cow, my quest for the top 100 didnt go so well, got there, but lost many many many fans. Oh well got the screen shot now, back to 200's where I feel safe and warm.
Come join us caernarfon you'd be a better fit than there.
21/05/18 20:14
Well it's got to be said that was a poor effort by you guys, seven no shows, and those that did mainly only played one game. I was expecting a decent fight, but sadly not.
I would be having strong words with the guild if it was me.
Top effort by you caernarfon but sadly not many others. You would be better off in our guild mate. We've got space, go on you know you want to...
22/05/18 00:32
19 unplayed games, what is the point in this guild?!!
06/06/18 01:05
Sorry which guild are you?
06/06/18 10:12
This was relating to the GC vs The International Fight Club.
06/06/18 12:21
Are they a new guild, shall I play against your guild, and beat you all lol
06/06/18 17:16
Lol, go for it pal. Got some handy teams in there though. No they're not a new guild, just not active in GC's which is frustrating when you get drawn against them.

Are you guildless at the moment? If so maybe have a look at our guild and play Dreads for an invite if you meet the criterior.
06/06/18 17:29
He is in ball boys and more than meets your criteria
06/06/18 19:10
Ha ha, ok. That was a bit sharp wasn't it Monks?? I was being nice to the lad.

Also maybe he should have a word with the rest of them and actually play their GC games instead of wasting everyones time.
06/06/18 20:32
I think you are not understanding who he is? Nothing sharp intended here.