Morale boost to team with most supporters watching match

12/04/18 15:36
When watching a live match that you're not in, you should be able to declare which team you're supporting, team with most supporters gets a morale boost, or every supporter gets you an extra 1% morale
12/04/18 16:22
I have to say this is a very interesting and appealing idea. So if a member of my guild was on the brink of relegation we could come together and all watch that match in support of them and it would improve morale 25% (not mb 25%). Is that your thought? I think I like this idea a lot, definitely original.
12/04/18 17:24
yep, a guild mate has a big match up tomorrow to win his championship and a few of us all plan on watching it and cheering from the sidelines, so i thought it would be cool if this kind of support could actually boost their chances, like a good group of fans does with real matches
12/04/18 17:41
I like this idea. 24% possibly too much but still like the idea.
12/04/18 18:35
It's morale though so not to much and that would tak le a full coordinated effort, right?
12/04/18 18:57
True. The idea has legs definitely. Might be worth a ticket.
12/04/18 20:51
Yep, love this idea, get it pushed through.
12/04/18 22:54
Interesting but from a business/sweetnitro perspective, it looks like a lot of development effort for the developpers (and hence costs)..
What would be the benefit for them? (Let s be honest, it has to be a win-win.. otherwise they have no real reason to do it.. at the end of the day, it s a game for us, but a business for them.. )
One option for instance could be: You have to pay for being a supporter... Either cash or 1 gold ball... (supporters always pay their tickets, right?).. And if you re a real supporter, you re ready to invest... choose between upgrading a building or supporting a teammate..
From their side, it s a way to take some cash/gold balls back from players.... (at the end of the day, it s the case for all the features in the game... they take back: RPs from the Auction house / cash from MBs / cash from sport shop...)
They could see it as a way to make people use their credit card at some point to buy/use gold balls.

How would it also work when supporters do not stay for the whole game? I guess the morale should decrease then... (but it also means they have to manage the variation of morale according to supporters joining/leaving...).

In the same way they could offer the possibility to bet on the result of a game.. either as a supporter for a specific game, or there could be a betting shop building where you can bet on many games...

That s just my 2 cents..