Message for bluemooners

10/02/18 12:52
Sorry didn't respond last night, I couldn't fit the response in the guild name.
By my calculations if i use full mb it will only boost my max stats to 330, yours are 335 being as your 4 levels higher.
If you want a fairish match up then I go full mb, you go 0. The advantage is still yours allthough evened up a bit by the fact your kicking to me.
There a lot of balls on the line so I'm sorry but I won't make it easy for you. As it is you will still more than likely beat me.
10/02/18 13:51
10/02/18 16:14
I'm going MB free mate so do as you please. Best of luck. Hope we meet soon in a gvg.
10/02/18 16:18
Unlucky in them two map games by the way Wolves. What is it you say? LOL
10/02/18 16:25
A gentleman, thank you. I am unashamedly going to be using mb not that I think it will make any difference with level difference. If we were the same level I would have happily made a no mb agreement.
I hope we get a gvg against each other soon, you guys look very good, well worth playing. I've allways been of the opinion that you need to challenge your self both individually and as guild so that can improve.
Good luck to you as well mate, not that you need it. If you beat me I fully exspect you to win the whole thing so at least I can say I was beaten by the best, no pressure mate.
10/02/18 16:39
If i were in your shoes i'd do the same pal. All the best.
10/02/18 18:22
Why write LOL in the comment section then? It was a snide dig. Why, only you know that.
10/02/18 18:26
Oh that was for Dreadlocks with his maths.... Quite funny how he worked it all out. MB dont win a game or get close to win a game... Maybe we around too long BM... Theres something he knows what whe dont...
10/02/18 19:48
I'm not new to this game just the forum, been playing since 2015.
Mb gives a percentage boost to your star rating (says the game) which is based upon the statistics of your players (if your anal and add up all the stats and devide by the ammount of them you will get your star rating, agreed?) so in theory, that is open to discussion, it will give every stat a percentage boost. At max stat of 315 that will give boost of 15.75 (at 5%). Meaning max stats are 330.75. Any that aren't maxed obviously get less of a boost which is why you can get issues sometimes.
I know mb doesn't win games, strategy wins games. But having somewhere near equal statistics helps.
However after saying all that I will say that is completely open to debate if it actually does work that way and admit that it might not, just my reading of it.
10/02/18 20:00
If it works out for you i will gladly acknowledge that your math is better than mine