explain this anyone?

23/02/19 13:14
Im at level 84 in the game apparently i should only be able to see any player up to 455 rated , just seen a goalkeeper with 460 kickstopping skills called Dan 305 rated he's 18 yr old 23/2/19 if anyone from SN would kindly answer this for me ?
26/02/19 06:19
are you sure the team where it's playing is not a level 85? check it out
26/02/19 09:41
At higher levels you can get put in with teams a level above or below you have you checked that.

So far its happened to me twice both times they were higher so next time they owe me one but I'm not going to bet on them levelling it up
26/02/19 19:42
it was in the Auction house shaun I aint seen this in league but it;s probably happened I just thought it's giving teams an unfair advantage if some can go to higher stats than others
27/02/19 13:34
Then I hope you got him. He would have been on offer to any in your league certainly helpful & already maxed out if you get a one level promotion all the same you need to train to have a shot of maxing him out if you get double promotion.