Modérator recruitment

08/12/16 21:23
And thank you all amazing comments
08/12/16 21:25
Id even settle for being a moderator as long as im listened too
10/12/16 12:49
If theres anybody who could bring change for the better to the game will whale is your man Fada. You only have to look at what he did to team wales to see he is a proper leader with very big ambitions.
13/12/16 19:28
Hello ,
I have the ability to take the job !
I have all the time , Give me the chance and i'll do my best , if you don't like me you can hire me from the job !
Thank you
15/12/16 11:13
Hello to you guys,

Please do not flood this subject.

For candidates to moderator post, thank you to introduce yourself in a few words (you can do it by mail to remain anonymous on the game)

Thanks in advance
01/06/20 06:17
Well guys, this is not relevant anymore