HOW COME, SUBLINET???????!!!!!!!!!!!

30/11/16 10:50
i finished the league in a higher position than dollard84 last season but he was granted double promotion to level36 n i am in level 35????!!!!

what the fuck is going on, sublinet?

n once again, i have only 6 home games while the strong iranian teams have 7 home games, n with 35-40% advantage when u play at home, i might as well not bother about the league as these wankers will use match bonuses for their home games as well.

now, sublinet, is dollard really samuel or cameron of sublinet????!!!!!

07/12/16 18:11
ah, at long last, replies in forum!

hi, admin, as no reply was forthcoming from support with regards to my question as to why dollard84 was promoted to the top league when teams like MLP and mine finished in higher positions than him last season?

perhaps he chose not to reply to my ticket as i have proceeded with legal action to get money i spent on this game refunded because of the permitted cheating and rigging that is rife in this game?

as such, i hope you can enlighten us on how happened in the name of playing this game fairly and without bias, prejudice and cheating condoned by sublinet?

thanks you
07/12/16 18:46
they did changes last season and let only played level 35 in the top level....any lower level but everyone has the same level.
but this season, they change it also with the time of kick off and i wonder why,still a dollard back to a level where he doesnt deserve to be.
there are 2 level 35 in the top level and the rest 36 .
08/12/16 01:33
Leigh, it should not be a surprise to know Dollard84 has special privileges from Sublinet, as firstly, he is French, and secondly, he probably is one of the "smashing" guys working at Sublinet in Bordeaux. Finshing 9th in the league and yet promoted to Level 36 ahead of MLP and you is more than a comical travesty of justice. It is blantant disregard of fair play by Sublinet. It is your misfortune that you are neither French or Iranian, I surmise.

I am glad you are pursuing matters further, and seeking legal advice. or doing it your own way. Go for it, mate, and good luck against these corrupted practitioners of fraud and swindle. I heard Bordeaux is nice this time of the year anyway, mate.
28/12/16 17:17
Please let us know how you get on re the refund

I can certainly see your point no idea about how the law works for this but morally you should get it back GOOD LUCK