26/11/17 13:18
26/11/17 22:07

26/11/17 22:33
Lol the video shows the fact that u have a personnal support for u. So yes => Free kills with personnal support. No need to look the etire video to see :D. Facts : at 0:24sec the (your) support doesn't heal the other support with turret and drone and doesn't save him from death but he could done it, another fact, at 0:50sec he does the same thing with the other support and is only focused on you, and i wonder why doesn't he buff the blue raider with you ? (HUH ?!). So thx for sharing a video that shows a support giving you... oh wait ! FREE KILLS ! omg ! So i never said this to you, but... yes you're doing free kills (and we won't ... hum hum) And i hope this video will show that supports buff should be prohibided in battle
27/11/17 21:58

Hallowen record !!