Galaxy 10

01/06/15 13:16
The galaxy 10 is different to all other galaxies so far.

The whole galaxy is a maze. Goal is to find the exit, like in every maze. You need to find the exit in 30 minutes after the galaxy is born.

If you don't have success, you will have a 10-minutes-cooldown to re-enter the galaxy 10 again as penalty. This is also the case, if you were killed by a player or a monster.

Therefor are some more special facts I want to announce to you:

- No hyperjumps
- No jump to your headquarter
- Turrets only fire automatically to monsters (and drones/turrets from other players(, but not other players.
- the explored ways through the maze will be shown in the minimap.
- If a group jumps to galaxy 10, the grouleader must jump first. The groupmembers will spawn in his near then.
- There are Maze-Keeper-Monsters. They will give you the following rewards:
* 3 x 300 seconds time-capsules
* 3 x 200.000 Uranium-capsules
* 3 x Ammo-boxes
* 50/50-Chance for a special-gem Level 1
* Chance for an ordinary gem

There are 3 bossmaps in galaxy 10, but only in one bossmaps is a boss. If the boss is killed, a new boss will spawn at least 5 minutes later on a different boss-map.