My team gets weaker the stronger it gets.

18/09/15 23:27
I have now not won a game for four matches in a row having won the previous eleven and being top of the league. During this period I have purchased a better player and added it to the team each day. My energy is full, morale is high and I am significantly stronger on player averages stats than each of the teams I gave failed to beat. I don't expect to win every game as I recognise that surprises happen in sport but failing to do the basic things that they did a few games ago despite being better is very frustrating. I train them and increase their stats daily as well as tweaking their individual instructions. Confused.
21/10/15 01:24
I seem to go through random phases of winning then loosing seemingly unrelated to tactics
01/01/16 20:55
I share your frustrations. I have the same problem and random results are very dis-heartening. I have also the strongest side in my division by far and lost to a weaker side. The harder I seem to develop by team the worse they play in the championship. I seen to be able to win tournament matches which is confusing. Is Rugby Manager trying to give us a bitter sweet experience?
02/01/16 02:02
From what I understand from the game the "player average stats" do not reflect very well how a player will play. Looking into the specific stats needed for the position is more important.

If you have a 40 star number 2 who is very fast or good at kicking for example but no good at rucking, scrumming or tackling then he will be less effective than a 30 star number 2 who is slow but strong in forward orientated skills.

If you have not already done so I would suggest re-arranging you players based on their specific stats and not on their "predetermined position"; To come back to the example of the fast number 2, maybe it would would be better to play that kind of player as a center or wing and vise versa, a center can be moved up amongst the forwards if he is slow but good at rucking/tackling/scrumming.
02/01/16 12:30
Are you paying a bonus? Alternatively, your opponent may be paying a sizeable bonus that drives their team to a superhuman effort that in turn overcomes your seeming advantage in quality points ... for consideration ..... worth trying bonus payment if you haven't yet.