Trophies bug mirror match

12/05/18 11:36
The rules of the mirror match clearly states that “Trophies are neither gained or lost in event matches” yet I just lost around 50 in a mirror match. In previous events this did not happen. If this is intentional I suggest you to update the rules.
12/05/18 11:48
Its not intentionnal, just another bug...
12/05/18 13:57
There is also another bug I noticed.

You win 3 crowns, and it shows you win 3 crowns in the event.

You win 2 crowns, it shows that you only win 1 crown in the event.

There are coding issues in the rules as well where it does not display the text. Someone in the QA department needs to be spanked for these issues.

The other bummer is that the top prizes is a little bit of gold and fragments...big whoop.
12/05/18 14:01
Yeah I guess that's their answer to our complains about the global fragment bankrupt... but a more clever way would have been to restaure the +100 fragments possible gift after a won match imo...
12/05/18 14:02
Don't worry, all will be fixed on monday.
12/05/18 16:57
I lost 50 trophies as well (si Il stopped immediatly). Any chance we are "refunded"?
Still enjoying anyway.
12/05/18 18:45
@Shazam : send a message to the support (in game's parameters).
12/05/18 21:05
Thx. Already contacted them for 200 "lost" gems so I don't want to bother them excessively
13/05/18 10:35
You don't bother them, it's their job.