Patch 5.3

26/12/16 11:47
I just played 3 training matches & even drew the first but still moved up the rankings over 700 places that's crazy
27/12/16 08:42
I'm not going to really go for this in the future unless desperate for fans but I have been playing with it & in two days I have gone from 3201 to 1427 that's a jump of 1774 places which is just stupid.

This whole idea is crazy whatever moron thought this up needs his or her head seen to
04/01/17 11:04
Before I stopped playing these I got up to 734 which was just crazy for my squad now i am slowly slipping down & 2,600 fans down.

I suspected right from the start that this was just a dirty trick to try to get everybody to go for bigger squads & therefore have to buy gold balls to do it & keep it there.

having now seen it in action for a while I am now totally convinced that its just a money making exercise I am now just going to let my team go into freefall until they hit rock bottom & I will just stay there if I then get the fans back then I will carry on but if they do not return then stuff it this is not the only game around I will just pack it in.

Hopefully many more will do the same & Sublinet well see this time they have really shot themselves in the foot
04/01/17 14:16
Worst patch ever .com thankyou for screwing the forum over and favouring pack players more than ever before why don't you just call your game Iranian football champions at least then we'll all get the message that were not wanted loud and clear. As you can probably gather I'm extremely unhappy with the fan loss and there being absolutely no reward should anyone play you in a training match and fail.
05/01/17 17:52
Heres some news for you Pierro and Fada you can stick your stupid ranking system up ya .......Ban me if you wish Infact i'd be quite happy to be banned cos my ranking would go out of the window which is what has caused me to write this. The whole system is delusional you've got team wales members 500+ down the rankings cos they don't wanna play these are some of the most talented people on the game doesn't it tell you something? I no longer want to play i'm the leader of the 8th best guild on the game so what will happen is people who are undeserving of the top spots will be in the top spots not because they are good because others are simply not wanting to play and instead you've got team wales members who are purposely putting themselves down the ranks so they don't lose fans and I can't blame em there is no incentive to be top other than your name on a leaderboard doesn't exactly inspire me in anyway. Like I say I'm happy to deliberately decrease my ranking cos I don't want to play and lose 5000+ fans everytime everyday. I wouldn't mind if you could gain fans when others challenged you if they failed but to gain nothing when someone plays you and you hold well that's really disappointing.
06/01/17 16:32
I am totally with Ashley on this the sooner I am the bottom of this stupid ranking the better
06/01/17 19:40
Lost 9000 fans in two days very unhappy I sent them a ticket I got a reply thanks for your feedback that all it said
06/01/17 21:56
I was in first 500 and today have lost 7.000 fans today.
07/01/17 00:49
The answer to me is plain and simple don't play the training games. The moment people stop trying to compete against each other is the moment sublinet have a big problem because without us they have no game. They need us more than we need them. if it wasn't for people who bought packs and goldballs they wouldn't have a game so my simple solution is to strike and the strike has already started with me today was my first day of not bothering to play a training game and that strike will continue unless things change soon and if nothing gets done and I have a really naff fanbase I will be selling my team I mean all that keeps me going now is the fact I'm a great guild but I'd of left a longtime ago if it wasn't for the great people in my guild.
08/01/17 19:35
the point they all missing is yes it was tough b4 the update getting fans once you got above 140000 mark with fans and if you read all the post on the subject you will realise its not just about losing the fans when your challenge its about the amouny of game when you challenging you can only play 5 games fair enough its limited but the unfair part is you could get challenge possibly 10 or 20 times how is that fair? for example you play your 5 challenges win all 5 gain 5000 fans ok no problem BUT then you could get challenge 10 or more times which i have since the update lose all 10 challenges and lose 10000 fans how is that fair a net lose of 5000 fans and thats what these developers can not or will not understand just make the game fair!!!