News and update

13/04/18 11:40
What about new updates? With something like global chat or msg between players? Se need something to to be more involved each other.

Then, how match making works? Is about crowns or lvl?
13/04/18 12:09
We're indeed working on improving guild discoverability & communication.

Matchmaker is based on trophies
15/04/18 11:11
neuronix :

We're indeed working on improving guild discoverability & communication.

Matchmaker is based on trophies

I am lvl 3 and i am always matched with players that are lvl 6.. You should adjust the matchmaker to be based on levels..
17/04/18 11:00
@Kurac : This would not work. Imagine if someone does not upgrade his units and let his king be lvl1 or 2 ? He could climb the ladder and go to the 10.000+ trophies by just facing lvl1/2 king, a.k.a. newbies ? This is not serious.
The strenght of a player is his trophies, not his king's lvl.
17/04/18 14:49
Agreed and it's tough but as you lvl your king and cards you grow just like the rest of us
08/05/18 00:56
I actually like the idea of matching games based on levels. Sometimes I fight guys that must be on level 15 or something. I have no when I face helter skelter.. lol

If you never upgrade your Cards, then your king never gets to a higher level. You can't get very far if you don't update your Cards and level up.

If everyone is on the same level, then everyone has more or less the same strength in cards which would be more fun.

Helter and torvick...what do you think?
08/05/18 07:23
I would say Trophies is supposed to reflect your actual level, not king's level.

If you're level 8 and facing lvl 10 or 11 ( level 12 beeing the highest level in game atm ) that simply means that you're above the average of level 8's players and gotta face higher level to balance.
We could see good players with a lvl 8 account facing only level 8 players and destroying them all then get to the top of the World ladder ? Nah its not serious... =P

Actually facing better/higher players will make you improve and give you the opportunity of winning massive trophies in case of Victory.
As a frequently 12k trophies man I swear that playing against a 10k trophies player isnt that pleasant as I will win +14/16 in case of Victory and lose -70/80 in case of defeat... getting risky x)
08/05/18 12:59
@AntoFlames : This is kind of a insolvable problem. There is one fact : players from the beta have an advantage over new players (those who don't pay). It's hard to say if the problem is that important or not. Time will tell if new players can dethrone us. Personally, I think that with good focus on upgrades, you can beat kings 2 levels higher than you. So the game is still playable for now. In the future ? I don't know.

By the way, you're level 10 and I'm... level 10. And you will never face level 15 players... because they don't exist. Actually, I guess the maximum is level 12, and high level players are mostly level 11.
And it's the interest of upgrading your cards (so your king) : you will be stronger for competition. And it gives an objective.