bout that action - Some guild

04/05/19 01:55
I do know, it is not too common to call out teammates.
I will be in shame not to do.
bacon, boom, BD, Nerd; trump. Steel. Killer, Spenii, Whitley,
Rushmore, Raiderz, Cards, lions, holy blue, tornados,
snopes, Hardkor, sweetums, dadster, 360ty, ballerers, seriousfun

we could not live without each other.
I am a proud Member of:

Bout that action #10

see ya

04/05/19 02:55
Awesome having pride in your guild =) I will say I felt bad for our back and forth earlier. I apologize. In saying that I also have pride in my guild and will defend my mates =) Keep the fire lit man!
04/05/19 03:59
Hey jammin, accepted. You got COJONES:
Not too common nowadays.

see ya