Settin up a tourney till LV47

20/04/19 22:05
Hey Buddies, I will set up an open tourney
till LV 47. So I am still in one, will take me two days to set it up.

Would love if you do inform your guild buddies, that somethin is commin on.

When I have set it up I give you the entrance code. As always first come - first seat.
Hope to get some response and Tourney members.

see ya

21/04/19 13:45
when you post the code, Wiz, let me know... I will put it on my Discord spread the word. just checking this is "up to" level 47 (so 47 and under?)?

just want to know the details when I post about it.
21/04/19 17:59
Thanks Maddog,

First yes you are correct 47 and under, have to work on my language here.
Have my final in my actual tourney middle of the night (here). So I will set it up tomorrow.
details will come.

Little newbie question - how do I let you lnow, exept here?

This will be fun. Hope on fillin that one out. Real curios who shows up.

see ya

22/04/19 01:48
a only place I know is here and I can post it on Discord for others to share with other guilds.
22/04/19 08:01
I set up the tourney. After there is a tourney LV50 to LV65
I thought LV48 and LV49 are people too.
Change of EntryLevel It is LV49 and under

CODE: 27I58
Entry is the next 48h
16 Team tourney

Could you please spreadit in your guilds.
Thanks a lot.

see ya

22/04/19 13:56
Sounds Like Fun Im in and will spread the word around the Empire
22/04/19 15:07
I am setting a post on discord now...
22/04/19 15:12
and I have a semifinal today and "probably" a final tomorrow. i will join with my mini once I finish this tournament that I am in (if spots remain)
22/04/19 15:50
That is good to hear. Lookin out for the bracket.
Got 6 guys in already. - 10 to go

Just to make sure -
the one in the middle is a capital I,
not a 1 and not a little L.

see ya

22/04/19 16:15
already sent it out... they should. be able to. figure it out.