Need guild to call home please help I'm still new

13/08/18 03:10
I'm still sorta new don't really know how to get faster players I need a guild to call home was kicked from a guild because my phone messed up just got new phone and now I'm back
13/08/18 14:52
HI I'm one of the leaders at #1

If your interested in joining our guild, please freindly one of the leaders or right hands.

General rules of the guild 1 game in the first 12 hours of a gc, if you lose or draw your free to play again, be respectful & helpful on chat.

Will give you more info if/when you join.

All the best Greybeard Griffins #1
14/08/18 08:22
Well I was in that guild but lost my spot due to my phone breaking I go by seahawks
14/08/18 08:40
Hi Seahawks

Can't say I remember you being in our guild, if you got kicked it would've been for being inactive, which if was down to issues with your phone we would've been unaware of that, best wishes to you in your search for a home.

Best wishes Griff.
15/08/18 22:33
Greybeard, good to see you! I found him. Super nice guy. LOL, Grey, i don't know about your team now, but Myrtle beach Raiders is going for a downgrade. Best of luck to you.
16/08/18 02:24
Sad to hear that Jason, hope you get your team back on track soon, always enjoy our battles.

All the best Griff.