Coalition of Conquerors 53 GC Victories, the rest of you...

15/07/17 00:30
Gotcha, Pitt.
Nothing but respect for your team, beat you in September!
15/07/17 01:07
Wow! You beat two of our lowest mates! ( no offense Boken and wannabes ).... yes your good for your level can't wait but don't go counting chickens that haven't hatched. Soon you'll be praising yourself for beating our SD Charge. Beat a RH (besides me cause you all know I suck) and then pat yourself on the ass. And NO! You can't beat any "spender/booster"
15/07/17 01:07
And I still didn't call anyone C UNT.... FYI
15/07/17 08:54
Hey Jammin,
I'm kind of new to the forum trash talk drama like Cant Wait so sometimes my swear words are in the wrong place. Anyhow I am pretty sure most of the other Pimps know CW from his first play through.. and I'm pretty sure all of them lost to him at some point. I don't know if I will make it to the #1 spot myself, but I am very confident that CW will.... SHIT BALLS COCK!!

See you around!
15/07/17 09:46
LOL!!! All I know is I lose to him all the time. Not sure about the rest of my guild. I just like to have fun talking smack. It's all in good fun. And I honestly hate drama. Half the fun of this game is the friendly banter back and fourth. I enjoy the competition and see more and more teams pass me by. Nice swear words!
15/07/17 13:40
HAHAHA!! That is funny. I don't know who that was, but never used that phrase before. In all honesty, Can't Wait is the best player in the game. Don't know how he does it. A free player, and he took over #1 multiple times. He beat Aggy he beat Britz, he beat everyone. Then he got bored and started over. And proud to call him friend. He is absolutely hilarious on the chat. And he is building again. Many months ago, my daughter Amanda's first loss was to him. She was pissed! LOL.

That's when she started calling him Uncle Les.(She had to say Uncle!) It's an inside joke, but we do have a lot of fun at Coalition. Always enjoy competing. He's better than me, have no problem admitting that.