I need a guild.

02/05/20 03:11
Hey guys, i have created a third team and i would like to join a good guild,
i want to join a guild with good promotions and one that plays lots of gc's.
I will be very active and my team will build up strong.
02/05/20 03:15
i am The Bulls leader of RAMPAGE and my 3rd team is called UNstopable
02/05/20 09:45
02/05/20 10:06
haha, i am the bulls mate, i am sending my 3rd team to join a differnt guild
02/05/20 10:49
Hey bulls we set up a 2nd guild yesterday, pop along and have a look

Cymru uprising 2

Nothing special yet but as stated was created yesterday

02/05/20 11:11
ok, will do, i will play a match against you if i like what i see
02/05/20 11:12
i have played a match againstt top leader
02/05/20 12:59
Sorry mate, I confused you for another player!!!! Hahahahahaha
02/05/20 13:52
My 3rd team, UNstopable :

i have played a match againstt top leader

Ive made the guild open so anybody can join, as soon as the guild hits 17 3 teams from the main guild will be down to start the gvg (theres already a few teams in there as 2nd teams)