18/01/19 12:08
Thankyou Sir Love you too brother Jason
One simply has to defend his buddies!
18/01/19 12:18
LOL, I was typing a babbling diatrabe, and my wife interrupted me. LOL.
Hope things are good on your side of the planet.
18/01/19 12:23
All good Thanks buddy!
18/01/19 13:08
Guest F1OSJR :

Agreed on the smart business part! They've lost alot of money not listening to their own community or understanding their own game. Sent many tickets with ideas similar to those. U keep players player then u keep some players paying. Just wish they would done it all by now. Besides my own enjoyment it's a one of a kind game that should get more exposure. Because they don't change anything and lose players before they even learn the game. I had to start a whole little guild literally with the intention to teach new people how to be actually good. There are no tuturials no nothing the game just throws u in and if these kids lose to start they quit. The more players we keep the better the game can be...

Ya i<y main is right now sitting in a new training guild that i made.. I'll be moving lehigh back up to the brotherhood soon.. but i agree with you.. this game is not as easy to learn as people think.... I mean hell I started a few weeks after the game opened... m the end of season 2... we were all lost... they had the mods in the forums at that time so you could ask questions... Things like Str only being used to hurt people... hell my first QB i loaded up on str.. silly me I thought he would throw faster/

But it's important that the games Vets do take the time to teach I think... cause the player base is starting to look like the AH... and even the top guilds wont be worth a damm when players retire...

if you dont invest in traing for the future.. your not gonna have one.. IMO

and in truth I do love teaching ..

18/01/19 13:14
Good words, Randy! It certainly takes more than just good players. Same here, I love training new players, especially the ones that are active and really want to learn the game but those are few and far between.
18/01/19 13:48
Ok so I do want to chime in on the paypal thing...

I spend about $40.00 a season on this game... <y money and i don't care what any of you think.. My kids are grown, doing very well.. I built and sold a very solid computer company that I ran for 16 years (35 years in I.T) so I semi retired.. I was 50... Then I got bored and started a candles company.. (oh I remember people LOL at me even here... But guess what. i built that up and it's doing very well.. So point is I busted my ass to get what i have.. if i want to spend $40.00 on a game I love playing and you don't like it.. well get the f over it... not your business...

Now all that said....

a good friend of mine and a great guy just retired.... Bug Zapper... he sold all of his players.. Paypay and non paypay...

guess what i bought 2 of them on the AH... and I know others did as they out bid me on the rest lol

So maybe I have more (Maxed Players) then i buy.... maybe i watch the AH and try to jump on players when I can/// and if you dont do the same... well your not doing it right....

last note.. if the people that do support the game by spending a few bucks.. stopped.. the game would close pretty fast....

hell they already don't pay attention to this server cause it does not make enough $ .. Think I'm wrong.. go log into there other games and see what lev they can build too...

Yes it sucks trying to take on someone with 20 maxed players... But I know you have beat him.. hell I know I have defending zeke off a time or 2.. it can be done and you know this....

As for The pimps losing a step... I will 100% disagree....

The Old/Dynasty/Pimps were hated as was the old brotherhood because of the Insane war between them.. that ended when AGGY called for member to starve the brotherhood out of the AH.. for i think it was what 3-4 full seasons as soon as brotherhood member bid on any player .. aggy and his hitmen.. outbid us... and aggy had moree AH points then God lol...

Now before the pimps jump to defend Understand this is not an attack.... I Myself had a large part in that whole mess.. and none of us acted like adults... it's over and done.. Just trying to make a point about todays pimps....

I myself LOVE the way the Pimps run right now.... They play with Class. they act like the vets that they are,,, and they give the rest of us something to aim for... I am having a blast playing this game.... No stress.. no hate. no wars no BS...

Just fine tuning my team and the Brotherhood to play at the top of our game...

If anything has me mad it's the fact that they don't raise the building levs and do things to keep vets vested...

LOL if you know my history with Dynasty/Pimps/Brotherhood you would understand that if I can step back and be honest about today... I could sit down at a campfire with a cold beer LOL with the pimps and the Brotherhood and not an ill word would be spoken ... unless they brought skunk beer....

This is a game.. and Thou... your one of the best players in this game.... I respect that .. w could save you a seat at that campfire bro

I have seen many people hit the top lev and struggle... give in and quit... It burns you out bouncing your had against a wall..
But take some pride in what you built..... cause you have an amazing team... nothing but respect..

But for real the whole Who spends more thing.. just an waste of time... Build right and good things will come of it.. and you already know that..

be well!

18/01/19 15:36
str3ifenkarl :

You are just dump if you don't see that this game has serious problems. Many guys are leaving because of these problems.

I think I spend more time at #1 last season than you did. Don't you think?

The main reason why I haven't challenged you "all night" is time shift. I'm not sitting infront of my computer all night hoping for a challenge. Usually I go to bed. I don't care what happens over night in TDM. I'm also not jerking off being #1. I don't know if you have heard that real-life is important as well sometimes. I'm totally fine with not being #1.

Idk where all this hate came from but if you want to hate us go for it

When I took over the #1 spot I jerked off... Just saying

18/01/19 15:40
Haha. Proud to know that now lol. Honestly I got naked and ran around the table when I got the spot for the first time.
18/01/19 15:52
yeah... still waiting on my chance... you don't want to know how I'm gonna celebrate WHEN I get there. lol.

and honestly don't REALLY care about the rankings (mainly use the map to keep my fans full), but I plan on celebrating if/when I get there.
18/01/19 19:00
HAHA!! You guys are awesome! Why it is called a community. LOL, did you know if you type "its " too fast, it comes out "tits?"

LOL, the small things. Well, not really.

Anyway, when i hit #1 twice, it was about 6 am. I ran to the gas station and bought beer. And you know what I did?

I cracked it open, leaned back in my chair, cheered and saluted to all of you. And laughed. I respect all of you.

Confused the shit out of my wife, who I accidently woke up.

It's a freaking game. Yes, for one moment, I was a child who finally one.

LOL, except this time, I had a valid id for beer.