Suggestions for improvements

01/09/18 07:51
Just wanted to get your thoughts on ways of improving the game

While we wait to see if sweet nitro will update the game inline with it's sister games.

How do you guys/girls feel about revamping special teams by having a global default setting that we can't alter settings on apart from distance & direction, also this would always be an active folder so we could utilise it for attempting field goals at the end of the half or at the end of the game.

Hopefully if enough people like the suggestion we can get sweet nitro to incorporate it their next update.

Please add your suggestions, hopefully someone will take notice,lol

Greybeard Griffins
02/09/18 16:16
I have been saying this for a long time. St's need their own folder. I have sent many tickets about this subject and always get the bot response.
03/09/18 18:44
1- Rid of Match Bonus
2- Special Teams fix and reformatted
3- Pre snap Motion for one assigned player
4- QB run/ movement option
5-Better detail to player routes/ movement
6- Defense split like offense for better management/ player formation assignment
03/09/18 19:09
Thanks for the replies Jammie & Sam Tech.

My apologies Jammie for suggesting something that you've already sent tickets on, for once I'm in agreement with one of the Pimps! Lol

Please keep them coming then I can send a thread to Sweet nitro in the vain hope someone will take it on board.

Cheers Griff.
03/09/18 20:39
Great suggestions! I definitely agree and would like to have more control over gameplay, particularly special teams and defense. I have sent tickets in on these suggestions and concerns but of course to no avail. lol

Maybe if enough of us send tickets they will consider at least some of our suggestions.

Greybeard Griffins agreed with a Pimp? What the hell is going on here?! Just kidding. lol Great idea Griff.

05/09/18 01:26
Man, nobody gets my name right in here LOL No apologies needed Griff. Like you said, if more of us voice our ideas and concerns, maybe some issues would be rectified.
Kick returns are the biggest problem and have been for a long time. A ST's folder might help that a little. I also like Sammy's suggestions.

Jammin Giants
06/09/18 00:23
Many thanks to your responses & suggestions, please keep them coming, the more people we get involved the better chance that we will all be finally heard, rather than the bot response....then silence.

Side note my apologies Jammin, it's my age!

Cheers Griff
06/09/18 02:50
Lol Griff.... All good. Still trying to get ya, came close recently =)
06/09/18 08:03
That you have Jammin, I want whatever your putting into your coolade, LMAO

I'm sure you will get me soon enough then we can play tag like your other pimp brothers! Lol

07/09/18 05:14
As you know from our chat earlier Griff, I agree with you about a separate special teams folder.

I obviously also agree with Sam Tech about scrapping MB (Following it being scrapped in FC and mostly scrapped in RM).

Another thing I've enjoyed from FC & RM is a 12hr prep period for a GC instead of 24 so you play more games, especially during the void of season changeovers.

Hopefully we can get more top players behind this so its harder for them to ignore.

Yobagoya Seabiscuit