Game problems

19/11/18 21:16
LOL. You are right. I thought you were being funny. I googled "Farsi to English"....copied and pasted...and I got #1. Hilarious.

Hi, I was in the team. My ear was broken. I'm scared. What should I do?

I honestly have no idea what type of response is needed to that.
20/11/18 14:48
Prob tell him to see the doctor
23/11/18 01:00
ShaunC :

Prob tell him to see the doctor

Perhaps yeaaa
05/03/19 13:54
06/03/19 00:21
Name of team and Guild - coward!
06/03/19 00:33
ประวิทย์ จันทร์ศรีนวล :


= Big Karl ... impeccable team of animals, Gu, defeated damn badass mom to play with special guests addressed the main friends 5 Karl badass Gu 4 Buddhist woei Karl alloh

06/03/19 00:54
I translate a little different, maybe you have a better interpretation.
Using English on this Forum is recommended.
06/03/19 21:10
your game is broken completely broken , all my teams are now a joke i just expect to lose i don't know what the ,,,,, you have done to my teams but i may as well just leave the lose strat on cos it'd be same result i accept im not the best but im not so bad i should concede minimally 4 goals a game and can't win teams 5-10 levels lower in challenges especially if we are facing a team from iran coincicdence i think not . I've tried deleting all my strats starting over , i've tried 100 health , 60 health it really doesn't make a jot of difference my players are running like tortoises even from minute 1 on 100 health i dont know what the ..... you have done to my teams but i just think if it wasn't for my guild i'd of called the game quits some time ago the bias in the game is just ridicolous and the only reason it happens to my teams is because i am prepared to write it as it is. I dont expect to win all games and can take a few losses 2-1 1-0 it happens but everyday 3-0 4-0 6-0 5-0 is taking the p.
07/03/19 12:10
Yes something is not right I have players maxed out yet being outpaced by opponents who are nowhere near 100% they try to do too much in one go & then screw it up its far better to do one thing at a time & then if things go wrong you know where the cause is & knowing where it is can be half the battle.
08/01/20 15:07