Vote on preferred changes

23/05/16 11:13
Up to 100 responses now.
23/05/16 17:23
Has KK voted twice ;0) ?
23/05/16 18:24
If he was the one saying keep MB at all costs, yes.
24/05/16 09:00
Bit unfortunate you can only select 1 option in the top section as I'd have selected most if not all options available...
24/05/16 10:26
Rewa.Hard :

Bit unfortunate you can only select 1 option in the top section as I'd have selected most if not all options available...

I'm sure you would. I'm sure everyone would. I certainly would. The reality is that resource is limited, so it makes sense for us to be very clear about our top priority. We can then move on afterwards.
24/05/16 12:10
Voted.... i think a change to the league structures is more important than MB... each season feels like the last with no progession being made, we need to have fewer top leagues with less promotion and teams being relegated... I think increased competitiveness might bring this games spark back... otherwise in its current format its doomed.

Match bonus needs removing from Guild Challenges too. In fact the whole GC needs revamping. Its still uncompetitive even without MB... being ambushed by someone at 6 am when your offline by a team using max rythm and 30 subs is just as unfair as a team using a 40% mb against you., The GC should be more scheduled games rather than just hitting anyone at any point over a 24 hour period
24/05/16 12:15
But that tactic's equally unfair in the league - and there are plenty of people who try it in the league. Most of them use MB as well...had exactly that in my league game today. Still won it.
24/05/16 12:17
At least in the league you both have the ability to do that tactic as your both aware your game is at 10am that day... You have the choice in most instances to be online and to use subs if you so wish,,, Someone hitting you at 4am in the GVG when your asleep doesnt give you any opportunity to respond with subs
25/05/16 23:36
The one that "grinds" with me Ben is the situation whereby a guild challenger will wait until you have just finished a tourney or league match and then immediately start a game when your energy levels are at about 85% or so and - to add insult to injury - uses MB as well.

To a certain extent I can understand this if the challenger was 30* or so below me to get an edge but this was a member of a Top 5 guild who was only 5* below me.

26/05/16 13:41
I think if gvg matches were scheduled it would be even be happy to let oppo keep mb if I knew when I was playing them