Coalition of Conquerors looking for new members

23/06/17 00:58
We are the Coalition of Conquerors and we are looking for new talent as well as anyone wanting a new guild.

First thing we look for is character. No cherry-pickers, no boosting guild-mates, no beating guild-mates on the match map for your own advancement, and no over-bidding guild-mates in the AH. Skills can be learned but good character is the basis of who we are.

Active players are desired but there is a 2 week window for absences. We relish the challenge of playing other guilds in the Guild Challenges. We are very competitive and have the most GC wins in the game at 77.

We respect each team owners ability to run their own team and will never tell you what to do with it nor do we script whom you play. If you ever have questions or want advice we are happy to help. We have some of the more experienced players in the game so anything you need to know you can find out.

We like to share extra Heal Kits through Facebook. All you need to do is friend each of the members and you can send/receive 5 extra Heal Kits/day.

If you want to join just play our Leader or one of the Right Hands a few friendly matches so we can find you.