please make the game about skill not who can bonus the most

11/10/16 20:19

I play on the sublinet football and the rugby game as well as this both of which have failed due to the pack players and MB especially on the football the community is now almost all Iranian with a lot of the top lads leaving the game so I'm asking can you please just remove the MB it's not a good feature of the game and is unrealistic the game should be about skill and not who can bonus the most. There is no skill to anyone who bonuses and also star rating it doesn't anything if your tactics aren't decent I've beat teams higher and lost to teams lower than me so it is still possible for lower ranked teams to win without MB so please do it otherwise your going to kill the community.
19/06/20 18:59
19/06/20 19:00
[url=javascript:alert();]clique ici fdp[/url]
26/06/20 01:34
09/07/20 03:19
remember me mate? i was in your guild. you kicked me cause i was weak
09/07/20 09:41
I play all versions and MB is removed, maybe you get special treatment mate.