Promotions & Relegations

15/07/18 10:12
We currently base our system for promotion and relegation from newby > experienced > right hands > leaders on heal kits sent. It upsets some players so I was wondering if anyone has a different system they use?
15/07/18 12:05
We kinda use a couple of different systems. Heals: a big part of the "one family" approach, making sure team mates can heal quickly if they need it. Advice: If someone is always chatting and giving out solid advice to help the guild then they will get promoted quicker. Activity: Every guild needs solid players in a GC, so if you have a Mr Reliable then he will often get the nod. Normally hitting 2 out of 3 of these attributes is a good enough reason to promote.

You probably already know this but thought I'd give my 2 cents.

Good luck in your guild development.
16/07/18 08:18
Cheers Saruman, I appreciate the good advice.
16/07/18 12:35
I would add to sarumans bit, dont keep people at newcomer, they can't message people.
Heal kits for me are a big part as it shows how active they are, there's no point having rh that arnt online a lot.
Also all our rh are in a seperate whats app called the boardroom, where guild direction is discussed and everyone inputs so everyone is on the same page and can offer advice when online. I am the only leader which effectively makes me head of the board to have casting vote on matters if necessary, although this is never needed as we usually come to a joint agreement.
This way everyone feels they have an input into guild direction and leads to a happy focused guild.
Hope that helps.
16/07/18 19:31
Thanks, much appreciated.
15/08/18 06:57
I agree with Dreadlocked. We immediately put new members as EXP so that they can access the messaging - no point being in a guild if you cannot ask questions of someone privately. Only long-term, loyal, and proven players become RHs, and we have two leaders. Our RHs are trusted to act in the same way as leaders effectively, but we do so through discussion privately. Frankly, we would leave a lot of new, weak, teams as Newbies if the ridiculous rule was not there preventing them accessing messaging. Not sure what purpose that serves.
20/08/18 20:22
I can only speak how we go about it. We have 3 leaders, Captain Skids who is the main leader whose half arsed approach makes him the ideal candidate. Ollos because he is the only sensible person to stay at BiA and me because I came second in a leadership election behind a dog called Bruce.
We have right hands but anyone who wants to be one is welcome to be and then everyone else experienced.
We reserve the newcomer role strictly for people like Ruckley.
20/08/18 22:49
I heard you have honorary leaders as well that get promoted when visiting
20/08/18 23:16
We did dabble in that Alfmaster. The last one we had caused a lot of disruption with name changes and overall d****** about. He insisted on us all calling him president and even now is a disruptive influence, especially when he's had a pint of shandy.
21/08/18 02:38
But we have addressed that problem by putting forth a firm dictatorship!