Massive tournament

01/02/18 13:17
Hey, I may be being special but how do you register for the massive tournament?
01/02/18 13:30
I would like to know that as well. Where can i register for the 6 nations tournament?
01/02/18 13:47
It’s on the tournament screen. Bottom right corner. You will have to leave any current tournaments to enter.
01/02/18 13:51
Presumably it is designed with end-game players in mind
01/02/18 13:51
Apparently, you have to quit your current tournament.. then you can see it...
Nevertheless the tournament includes players from all levels... Somebody from my guild who is a 90 stars players was supposed to play a 200+ stars player..
This is a tournament for high level players..
It would have been much more relevant to have a Big tournament by level... It doesn t make sense otherwise.. except if you want to have 2 injured players...
But on a more positive note.. At least this is something new in the game..
01/02/18 15:53
Yeah I found it, cheers team. I had to leave my current tournament, which is frustrating but at least we have something new in the game. Great stuff.
01/02/18 18:07
Well what a steaming pile this turned out to be. Basically if you're not level 58+ don't bother. Signed my b team into one yesterday and levels ranged from 1 to 59. You also have to win the first tournament of 64 to be entered into another 'final' 64 man tournament where the prizes start if you win 1St round.
What a waste of a good idea. Why not just call it a handback for the players with big pockets. Just more proof that sweet nitro don't care about the game, just profit. The more they pull these kind of stunts, the more I feel like retirement
01/02/18 18:17
so you win nothing for coming second in first tournament?
01/02/18 18:22
They totally stuffed up a great idea here. But you still get paid out 50 gold balls for winning your first game(EDIT: apparently not, apparently it's qualifying for second tournament and then winning first game).
The full payout structure is:
50 for top 32
100 for top 16
200 for top 8
300 for top 4
500 for second
1000 for winner

If you get through the first tournament, that's well worth pulling out of your current tournament for. If it works. I was meant to be playing a level 6 bot in my first game today, but it looks like it kicked everyone out of the tournament.

Really nice idea. Really terrible execution. I think I just described the whole game!

Cut the prize money to 10%, make it a level wide tournament with one round and this would have been awesome.
01/02/18 19:31
Totally agree, could have been brilliant but as is its just keeping the interest for top level players who pay their wages.
The one I was in yesterday had two level 59's playing each other in the first round with no one else near them levels wise, so essentially that game was the final as no-one else could touch the winner. Stupid..