EMPIRE....the hottest guild in the gme

29/08/18 12:20
31/10/18 11:16
Well hottest guild in the game may be a reach..

However I will say we have played them a few times and they play hard, active crew and they have an amazing group on mid levs that play well above lev...

Hell beertoe and I love to beat the hell out of each other.... and come on they got a guy on the team named Thunder Chicken.. best name ever LOL

Keep doing what your doing empire..

I have more respect for you guys then the teams that grab crappy High fan teams that have no clue how to build and no clue how to play but manage to get the #1 slot because of fans... The pimps are badazz.. Reborn is bad azz and just starting to make there way back too the top... they are 2 teams I see on my GC and think.. I am gonna need more beer...

when we play the pimps, reborn.. we gonna throw everything at them... just like we do every game... you get paid and get training points why would you not play.... to be the best you have got to beat the best.. so always take your shot.. worst case you lose and maybe learn something. it's a game have fun with it

Lehigh Valley Outlaz

04/02/19 18:54
Barney Miller :

L M A O...funnest thing I've seen in the game in a long time. Empire thinks they are a guild that can hang with Pimps,Bones Brigade,Home,#1,Gridiron Ghosts,Clueless,Scouting Combine,Fast Riser as well as all the other top guilds.

You want to know why they are the hottest guild in the game? The were recently torched in a GC and they went 0-21 when challenged with a combine score of 1481-60....I guess when you get burned that bad it takes awhile for the flames to die down.

This has got to be fake news, when did we ever go 0-21 in a GC. Also, I’m the best player in this game. Don’t believe me? Put all your 4/200 players on the bench and come see.