EMPIRE....the hottest guild in the gme

19/07/18 01:06
L M A O...funnest thing I've seen in the game in a long time. Empire thinks they are a guild that can hang with Pimps,Bones Brigade,Home,#1,Gridiron Ghosts,Clueless,Scouting Combine,Fast Riser as well as all the other top guilds.

You want to know why they are the hottest guild in the game? The were recently torched in a GC and they went 0-21 when challenged with a combine score of 1481-60....I guess when you get burned that bad it takes awhile for the flames to die down.
19/07/18 01:14
HAHAHA. They are a bunch of whining azz boosting biotches
19/07/18 03:00
Empire who?
19/07/18 03:42
that is the guild name Empire....lol...they think they can hang with the top guilds and are the greatest thing since sliced bread
19/07/18 17:42
HaHaHa. The stats don’t lie. Nice post Barney.
25/07/18 02:26
Remember this Post Lone Wolf, Pitbulls, Milton's Minions, Pheonix or whoever you are at this Moment.
25/07/18 12:43
Wow Barney...and to think I actually had Resect for You?
Thank you for helping me with the Game and how to play Better.
Thank you for the Friendship
Thank you for the Knowledge
but... In the End... it's a Game.

Try to enjoy it and have Fun
Z-Nation aka Z
25/07/18 17:08
Yes we do, Yes we are, You must work for Fox News
25/07/18 22:35
Way to show your guild pride Empire. I'm assuming all three leaders commented even if only one stated his team name. I checked one of you out a couple days ago and you were better than expected.
25/07/18 22:39
Thank Jammin...We are just trying to play our best and have fun while at it. You played me which is why I started trying to figure out why then saw this Post on the Forum.
I myself will not get into some Fantasy War with those guys. I will, do my Best to get Z better and anyone in the Guild I'm in.
Thank Again ... Z ...