Les phoenix carries on the Exploits of Glitches

07/05/24 06:04
So the Phoenix Guild found another problem in the game and exploited it too, just like they did with the golden balls. Then they wonder why the French are called a bunch of unfaithful frogs. Well I hope you enjoy this issue while it lasts and I hope you get the proper ban. Yes, we at Poep figured out that you were cheating last night. You guys without subs have been exposed as the cheaters that you are.
Asm Clearmont
Ubb Gazinet
Marin Gajard
RCH_Noir Périgord
Kiki Phoenix Wildstein
07/05/24 09:33
Could you be more explicit with this cheat?
07/05/24 10:04
C’est une blague j’espère … je ne vois pas où est la triche.
Je crois même que vous n’avez jamais autant galéré à gagner contre nous au vu du nombre de matches joués sur ce défi.
Vous êtes sans aucun doute supérieurs que nous (en terme de nombre de joueurs au niveau 210 par exemple)
Nous ne pouvons que subir.
Un petit rappel, un défi dure 24h. Si les planètes sont alignées, nous aurons la possibilité de vous mettre quelques points de plus

Maintenant si vous avez des explications à nous donner que nous n’avons pas, nous savons écouter.

Perigord Rugby
07/05/24 10:13

So Peri you telling me you have no idea what im talking about.SN are currently investigating the isseu in the system and confirmed this a mayor isseu in the system yes it is in there codeing but exploiting it not very nice now is is it

07/05/24 10:55
Alors, soyons sérieux 2 minutes.
Qu’y a-t-il dans le codage de défaillant ?
Me concernant, que penses-tu exactement de mon activité d’hier soir pour faire ce genre de signalement ?

Merci de ta réponse.
07/05/24 11:37
So Peri you recon its normal if you can play 100 rythem on players and 100nmain strat rythem without subs and your players dont loose energy/fiteuge?

So while the rest off us spending tons to maintain 22 players playingnormal rythems youbguys having a laugh with 15 players and full rythems lol.

Recon you will need to start spending for subs again soon.
07/05/24 11:47
Hahahaah !
Vérifie tes informations. Il serait peut être temps de revoir ta stratégie aussi.
Je ne suis pas à fond en rythme général et/ou individuel !
Je suis à 15 joueurs parce que je ne veux plus dépenser un seul euro dans le jeu. Je suis en difficulté pour recruter car d’autres dépensent beaucoup pour acheter les meilleurs joueurs.
Tu regarderas que j’ai encore 3 joueurs de 31 ans sur 15.

Ma tricherie est étrange … n’est ce pas ?


08/05/24 14:06
I would like to report RACISM on thios forum, and exclude the following member; Rudolf Gerhard Strydom

The sentence formulated by this person is unaccpetable on a public forum and game and MUST be immediately banned : "Then they wonder why the French are called a bunch of unfaithful frogs."
Furthermore this person has never given any proof for his allegations!

I am french and from this guild you are so vindicative against, and while you may insult me as a french bastard, I can tell you that whatever your nationality, you are not an example of smartness! Your guild will always wion against us as you only have full guys while our guilde support persons like me who have never put one cent in this game So as a french frog, i am a bit smarter than you...such a shame ! ;)) ANyway, the type of message you arer sending is totally negating any common sense. You will learn that even french bastard frogs can have education, and before providing this kind of insult, please gather the proofs, as I would like as well to be able to profit from it then
08/05/24 17:47
Hello everyone,

Xaven34 lvl 203

Quick question Mr Rudolf, do you think you're the boss of the playground?  Talk about a so-called loophole that only the Phoenix Guild would use!  It's you who launches this accusation so you knew this loophole and you must certainly have used it and then you cry wolf, go to others!!  You know there is a way to keep your players at 100% even if you don't use substitutes, it's called Health Kits!  You just have to be in front of the match and you boost your players, it's like when you change your settings during the match!  It's cheating when you reboost, lol!?  So if there are bugs, flaws that the designers assume.  And you mind your game and stop blaming others for themselves and making yourself look like an angel!  Good winds, good seas!!