World Guild Championship

21/02/18 23:07
Hi Everyone. I have decided, seeing we won't get it in game, I have decided to start a World Guild Championship. It will be open to any guild and any country who would like to join. I am still in the planning stage but would like to know if there would be interest in something like this. Leagues will be created and schedules will be created. It would work on a basis where friendlies will be played against the guild you are assigned to challenge on competition day.

So we always hear people bragging their guild is better than the next, now we will have a chance to prove it. Sign your guild up and compete to see how good you really are. There will be different championships so that very strong guilds don't play weaker ones, to make the competition fairer. The rules will be given thru as soon as the planning is done.

Join me on this page and add your guild name. If you know of someone who would like to join that is not on the forum, give them the link to the facebook page so they can sign up.

Thanks to everyone who read this and decided to sign up for it. We can make this huge and fun.
21/02/18 23:13
What about the multi flag guilds?
22/02/18 05:56
Absolutely any guild is welcome.