Patch 3.6

07/07/16 00:15
I am Spartacus...No, I am Spartacus
07/07/16 07:35
All the feedback you get in the forums and this is the best you can come up with??!!!! What a f'n joke
07/07/16 10:23
Arsenal aka joe :

Everyone knows who sado is, he had to change his name because he's relentlessly abusive and has been booted from virtually every good guild in the game.

incorrect i have only ever been in 4guilds and none was i booted from, care to share who i am?
07/07/16 15:42
Would also appreciate to know about the ranking logical system for the top100. Appart from stadium size, what are the other ranking criteria ?
Ideally, we should be able to choose amongst tabs which criteria we want to see the top100, e.g. Team ranking by average strength, number of tournament won, number of Times first in championship, overall point scored, etc.
Could be bringing some new challenges... Finger crossed for being considered
07/07/16 20:04
Mirko Massarutto :

is there anybody that tells me how to see top 100 rank? i cannot find it!

Look at your team achievements, you will see rankings there
08/07/16 07:56
On the gold coin
08/07/16 13:20
will be leaving game if mb is not remove MB. Don't understand the logic. it counter intuitive.
08/07/16 13:48
laters roylprop would say youll be missed but you wont since i have no idea who you are
08/07/16 15:29
At the gold coin
09/07/16 17:28
Can you please fix:

1. Kicking ball dead, 22m drop out to restart.
2. Standing still at kick off and restarts.
3. Offsides
4. No. 10 joining rucks