Thanks all for the fun games.....ITS TIME!

27/05/19 18:21
I just want to thank everyone for the great games and fun times with my COWBOYS acct...….Its time for him to retire and go out in a good way and being somewhat of a TOP level team......I just want to take a opportunity to thank players before me that helped me along they way...…Just gonna list a bunch, the order means nothing at all:...…..GB (pimps) GW (Haunted) MBR (Haunted) REDSKINS (TheBar) these are just a few that helped me get this crazy game going...…..There have been way too many to list that have had HUGE influence on me throughout my time playing.....BIG O was a stepping stone to the top as well as KARL (pimps) many times until BIG O finally decided to have me join him at THE BAR.....boy what a tough choice that was...….
Since being at THE BAR I have made soooooo many friends both in this game and away from the game, and those friendships will last forever......Special thanks to DUFF, TK, and THOU for allowing this OLD ARMY VET a chance to go out on top and being such great friends and players...…
As much as I have been somewhat vocal about the PIMPS and GRIM, I know they are all pretty good people...…...Its truly been fun having the back and forth battles with people like PACK (grim) and Karl (pimps) and a lot of others....too many to mention.....

And last i just want to say THANKS to anyone i have tried to help along the way and all those that HELPED me along the way...……...You all have made this game fun for me and i appreciate the back and forth banter...….we know that MOST of it is all in fun....

AND AS ALWAYS!!!!………………………………….GO COWBOYS!!!!! COWBOYS4LIFE!!!!!!
27/05/19 18:55
Soooo C4L, Lill shit starts first - actually not experienced enough to answer first.
But someone has to start.
- Man, we been together just a few days/weeks.
Loved anytime we played, ok you barely lead by 687 to 0,
but the schoolin you gave me after those knockouts helped me a Bunch. This season - Not a point was
scored on me in this Champion Ship. You own a big part of that. THANKS ARMY GUY !!!!!

Go Kick ass in your last season
FUN to come

see ya

27/05/19 19:02 buddy..hated to see this coming..Im glad we have taken the time to become such great friend with ya buddy..and you taking the time to help me along to compete with all the top great have become such a great influence with everyone at The Bar..Feed Zeke..will keep our guild as fun as it always has been..gonna miss the C4L.. trademark that shit to see ya go out on top as one of the best to ya brother..Duffman OSU Buckeyes..friends for life
27/05/19 20:17
Hey C4L

Only played you a handful of times & only briefly got to know you from your posts on discord, just want to say it's shame the game is losing another top player but I wish all the best in your life.

All the best Greybeard Griffins.
28/05/19 00:19
C4L, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't too sure of you at first. I thought you just liked to argue, but in reality, you were just really passionate about the game and making our guild as awesome as it is today. C4L is a beast and we will him greatly. I'm glad you're sticking around with FZ because your are pretty badass even for a Cowboy fan. Thank you for embracing The Bar as your new family. We're lucky to have you!

28/05/19 00:26
C4L I hate to see you leaving. Hopefully your lil keeps on rocking. We had fun battles buddy hope to see you again someday

Who is Big O?
28/05/19 00:38
Thanks Karl, been some fun games...….I appreciated all the fun jabs back and forth for all of ya...…..and ya I hope my small can keep playing good.....just got to be too much to do both and wanted COWBOY to end on a good note...
Big OZONE...…..great guy and great player.....has always had my back no matter what.....
28/05/19 15:24
CF4L dude you are an amazing dude.. from 1 old vet to another Thanks for your service bro!! and for some of the best fights i have had in this game.. class act! be well... your gonna be amazed of all the stuff you get done in the real world now lol

28/05/19 17:03
thanks Randy, I appreciate the kind words...….and thank you also for your service bud...… not totally getting away from game, I still have my small...….but COWBOY is done......want him going out at the best he can be...… mentors in the beginning told me to go before I start to suck.....well, ITS TIME...….lol...………..but your right, I have a lot of things to get done in the real world...hahahahha…..thanks again
29/05/19 03:02
Damn, wish my mentors have told me that LOL Sad to see your big team go. All the best =)